Carrot-Ginger Soup (Vegan)                                                      9€

… with shrimp skewer                                                              14€

Tamers fish soup                                                                       15€

with garlic bread and sauce rouille

Beluga Lentil Salad (Vegan)                                                     8€

Triple of olives, Manchego and Serrano                                   12€

Queijo Serra da Estrela

Portuguese sheep cheese au gratin                                           10€

Fried shrimps in garlic-chili broth                                           15€

4 cod balls with coriander aioli                                                10€

Salmon tartar with lime cream                                               14€

Portuguese black pudding                                                        12€

on sweet potato mash, braised onions

Roast beef with lentil vinaigrette and cranberries                  14€

Side salad                                                                                  5€

Mixed salad                                                                             10€

Beet salad with oranges (Vegan)                                              12€

with baked goat cheese with honey and thyme                        15€

Beet stuffed (Vegan)                                                                 14€

with mashed potatoes

Déjà’s tapas mix for two people                                               30€

Deja’s tapas mix for four people                                              58€

Main Dishes



Ravioli beet (Vegan)                    Starter. 14€                 Main D.  2o€

with coconut-lime leaves

Ravioli Lobster                             Starter. 16€                 Main D.  22€

with lobster sauce

Linguine main.                                                                                18€

with tomato-herbs and burrata

Main courses

Grilled chop of Iberico pork                                                            28€

rosemary potatoes and plum-beer sauce

Pike perch fillet                                                                              26€

Pumpkin risotto with basil-herb oil

Cod fillet                                                                                         28€

Savoy cabbage-potatoes-cream and bacon

Leg of goose                                                                                    26€

Red cabbage, Schupfnudeln and chestnut sauce

Surf and Turf                                                                                30€ Manioc fries and Café de Paris sauce


Crème brûlée of tonca bean                                                           6€

Pasteies de Nata (puff pastry vanilla tartlets)                             5€

Chocolate soufflé with vanilla sauce                                              6€

For our little guests, please ask

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